Friday, 26 March 2010

Blog for TAST 2

Having found myself in need of some hand stitching for the evenings I though that I would join Sharon's TAST 2. Only 4 weeks into it but I should have a nice little book of samples by the end, not to mention a whole new repertoire of stitches to be able to play with.

I thought that it would also be nice to have a visual record of the samples and a reminder that I need to work on this challenge regularly so this is my new blog.


  1. A great idea to make a visual record of the samples, I became a follower!
    Did you know that Laura Wasilowski does also a nice Thread-U-Cation about hand embroidery? (not affiliated)
    Just take a look at:

  2. Seems like a good way to keep yourself going. I hope you enjoy the course. I know that Emmy also follows this course (or something that resembles it...). I love hand sewing and especially the embroidery stitches.

  3. Hi Maggi

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I had to return the visit as I have a very close friend who is a Textile Artist [also of mature years]. In fact she was the friend I mentioned in my last post who came to dinner after dismantling her latest exhibition. Perhaps I'll get her to look at your blog - however, it has just occurred to me that you might know her already. Do let me know if you have any fellow textile artists based in North London.

    Masia Mum